Firework Fury!

Whizz-bang-crack-crack-crack! Our poor petrified Henry Wowler, (a scaredy-cat at the best of times), dives for cover as yet another salvo of bloody bangers splits the evening calm – just like they have round our neck of the woods every night since the last week of October. Gah. I’m sick of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love fireworks… what I loathe and despise is the modern trend of diluting Guy Fawkes Night into Guy Fawkes Fortnight, (or three weeks, as it soon will be), robbing the real anniversary of all meaning and impact. I can live with bonfire parties and big organised displays on the weekend closest to November 5th, so that people can more easily attend. What I find hard to cope with is the level of firework abuse we’re now subjected to: the wee small hours detonations by mindless morons newly returned from pub or club (‘Hur hur, we don’t have to get up in the morning, let’s wake the boring old farts who do’); the terror for family pets and local wildlife; the harassment and disturbance for shift-workers and parents struggling to get (and keep) infants asleep.

Worse is the criminality they encourage: the fireworks pushed through letterboxes, the exploded wheelie-bins, (we had one on the neighbouring street last week), and the dangerous, potentially fatal assaults on people and animals alike. Hubcap nearly fell victim to one such on November 5th: a carload of chavs threw a lighted banger at him while he was innocently litter-picking on a roadside verge. Luckily he spotted it, and legged it before it blew a fist-sized hole in the grass where his foot could so easily have been. Unluckily, he was too shocked and furious to get their registration number – but between that little gem (no doubt gleefully captured on camera and now doing the social media rounds for the edification of other brain-dead) and our traumatised cat, we’ve both fed up to the back teeth with wretched fireworks.

So ban ’em, I say. Bangers, that is. They’re simply evil – not clever or pretty, they exist purely to cause mischief and harm. Keep fireworks out of the shops until November 1st. Restrict the sale of big display fireworks to licensed operators and bona fide public events – they’re far too dangerous for the average back garden. Plug the Firework Code in schools and on TV to encourage responsible use – preferably before the 9 pm watershed. And for God’s sake: KEEP FIREWORK NIGHT TO ONE NIGHT OF THE YEAR!


2 thoughts on “Firework Fury!

  1. Agree and only at organised firework displays. We have to inform the police and local people when we fire our cannons so why not those who let off these fireworks, some of which are louder and more dangerous than our re-enactment guns.

    • absolutely right, des, and thanks for bringing it up. re-enactors and societies pay through the nose for event and personal insurance for guns and archery – and we do weapons/H&S training – but anyone over the age of what, 16? or is it 18? can buy as large and dangerous a firework as they can afford, and set it off in their little back yard. it’s mad.

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