Animal Matters

I’ve always been potty about animals. As a kid, I was forever begging dogs to walk from our neighbours, adopting stray cats and feeding the birds – habits which have stayed with me a lifetime. (We found our present cat as a 3-month-old, lost and crying in the woods, hence his name: Henry Wowler). So you’ll find plenty about them, and the natural world in general, on this blog – because there’s plenty to rant about. From blood-sports to habitat destruction, from the transport of live animals for slaughter to the use of animal parts in useless folk-remedies, and the casual or deliberately horrible cruelty human beings routinely mete out – it all makes my blood boil.

If it makes yours boil too, join me in doing something about it. Sign the e-petitions; buy your Christmas gifts and presents from the charities’ shops; send them donations. God knows, there are plenty to choose from – among my favourites are the RSPCA, WSPA and IFAW.

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