History Matters

I care about history. I mean, really care. Factual history books make me cry, rage and THINK more than any other genre – people’s true past lives are stranger and sadder by far than anything novelists can come up with. In fact history changed my life – it was reading Bernard Feilden’s Royal Blood (about Richard III) that made me think, ‘There’s something wrong with this picture’ and set me to studying our most-maligned king and the whole Wars of the Roses – whereupon I found Towton Battlefield Society, met my husband-to-be, became an impassioned Yorkist and started writing non-fiction history myself. So you’ll find plenty of history-related posts as this blog builds up… I hope you’ll enjoy!

2 thoughts on “History Matters

  1. Hi Helen – that short blog rang bells for me. Although there are certain historically based fiction writers I enjoy (nay love!) I have always thought there are enough amazing characters and stories in real history we should be reading about.
    Also pleased to see your passion for R3 – looking forward to seeing his story come full circle,finally, with a real burial in York.

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