Literature Matters

Oh, yes… as a small child, I remember I hated being illiterate – realising I was cut off from a whole world of words by my ignorance. (My parents, faced with the constant refrain, ‘What does that say?’ hated it too). I remember standing at Granpop’s side, starting to pick out the words in my Ladybird ‘Puppies & Kittens’ – then school, and the sheer delight of mastering the alphabet and finally learning to read. I gobbled everything down… comics, fairytales, my older brother’s schoolbooks, the newspapers and magazines lying round the house – and oh, the pride and joy of my first children’s library cards! And the love of reading has stayed with me all my life, with books a mixed pain and pleasure – I once lost an entire fortnight from my business reading Patrick O’Brian’s entire Jack Aubrey series, end-to-end (like chain-smoking literature).

So the ‘Lit Matters’ blogs will be about books: reviews of ones I love and loathe, snips of my own writing life, interviews with other authors – an homage to everything bookwormy.

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