My Fiction

My longterm, ongoing project is a naughty fantasy saga called The Lay of Angor – my personal adventure playground where I can make up history and politics without having to worry whether they’re ‘accurate’ or not! Written under my fiction pen-name, Rae Andrew, the first volume, Gondarlan, is out in paperback and as e-book on Amazon Kindle and Kobo; Book 2, Breath of Gaia, is now out on Kindle and in paperback. They’re sort of Lord of the Rings with knobs in – black humour, some grue and judiciously applied rude bits (all in the best possible taste, naturally!).

Find out more on my websites and the Lay’s own site, You can read reviews and the opening chapters there… and if you fancy reading on, Rae Andrew will gladly send UK readers signed copies of Gondarlan and Breath of Gaia for £7.50 including postage & packing, or both together for £12 including p&p – cheaper than you’ll get in the shops! Drop her an email on to place your order. Otherwise you can buy from my publisher, York Publishing Services, on

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