My Non-Fiction

I write real Wars of the Roses history under my real name, Helen Cox, and have three books in print to date.

The Battle of Wakefield Revisited: a Fresh Perspective on Richard of York’s Final Battle, December 1460, does what it says on the packet – takes a new look at what happened on that fateful day, and explodes a lot of the myths woven around the ‘Grand Old Duke of York’.

Walk Wakefield 1460 and Walk Towton 1461 are two handy, pocket-size guides to visiting sites associated with the battles – lots of maps, pictures and related info to guide you around, plus a brief history of the battles.

They’re all available direct from my publisher, York Publishing Services, on – or if you live in the UK, upon receipt of a non-bouncing cheque I’ll bung you a signed copy through the post at discount price! That would be £12 for Revisited and £7 apiece for the Walks, inclusive of postage & packing – drop me an email at to place your order.

2 thoughts on “My Non-Fiction

  1. Hi There
    Have read your book and found if very interesting.
    I find Lord John Neville a very interesting person, in your researchs
    have you found anything about the Neville’s of Raby and Durham and the Earl of Westmoorland and their role in the battle.
    Any infomation very welcome


    • Thanks, Dave – glad you found it interesting! Pretty much all I found out about the Nevilles appears in ‘Wakefield Revisited’ – but if you’d like to know more, I recommend checking out the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography on line – anyone can log into it using a library card number.

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