Random Rants

I would never have believed it 20-odd years ago, but I’ve turned into a grumpy old woman; reactionary, opinonated, more right-wing (in certain specific ways) than Attila the Hun – the sort of moaning old bat I once laughed at. And oddly enough, I don’t give a tinker’s damn. I freely admit, I’d gladly make Big Brother, TOWIE and similar reality-TV crap illegal (and put its so-called ‘stars’ in the stocks to be pelted with squashy tomatoes for presuming to inflict their vapid, boring ego-mania on a wider world). I’d fire a rocket-launcher at every moron boy-racer who speeds screeching round the streets in his mobile disco with windows wound down and drum n’ bass pounding out (not to mention people who text/make phonecalls while driving, people who drive too slowly and anyone wearing a hat in a car unless they’re going to a wedding. Look out for such drivers, they’re usually abysmal – I call it the ‘twat in the hat’ syndrome). Blood-sport exponents? I’d set the dogs on them and see how they like it. I’d shave off the Taliban’s beards and send to an all-girl’s school for 5 years to try and knock some sense into them. (Maybe I should stand as a Conservative MP).

So, dear reader, this will be my ranting ground, my electronic soapbox whereon I shall stand, rave, gibber and spit about all sorts of things that bug me. I’ll try not to swear. šŸ™‚

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