Food Matters

Oh, yes! I’m pretty passionate about food – it’s more than simple nourishment to me, it’s a hobby and holistic lifestyle choice. I get a real buzz from growing and using my own fruit, veg and herbs. I love cooking everything from our basic daily meals to authentic medieval recipes made over the camp-fire on re-enactments, and making jams, jellies and preserves… but I love eating out, too, and letting someone else make the effort (and wash the dishes!).

So in this section I’m going be waxing lyrical about things I love, like gathering ‘free food’ in the wild, and sharing some favourite recipes, restaurants, diet tips that work (and others that don’t). I’m also going to be ranting about things I hate – like the processed food industry that fills us with crap and helps to turn us into a nation of lard-arses, and the diet industry that fills us with different sorts of crap as we struggle to shed said lard (and both making billions out of us in the process, needless to say).

But whatever I rant about on here, I hope it’ll give you food for thought…

1 thought on “Food Matters

  1. You are right about processed foods. Lard is not all that evil – if someone knows how to handle it right it makes the best pie crusts. I would prefer to eat a small of something wonderful rather than something that tastes like cardboard.

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